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Chris and Wayne got into the solo chest last night and cleaned out all remaining sawdust that was created when the new hole was cut into the end for a wind line.

They also spent some time collecting some measurements in the chamber, particularly the area where a shelf is likely to be installed to provide a platform, perhaps for some of the offset chests. This will be useful when Dick maps out a more detailed configuration (perhaps with help from Gary Phillips). For example, the clearance between the large beam and the ceiling is 9 feet, 2 inches.

We also re-measured the blower to have the correct specs for the rigging company (I’m still in pursuit of this; hope to have an answer in a couple of days).

Some photos are attached.

Ken Krause

President, Chevalier Theatre Organ Society


Sacco’s Specialized Moving took care of hoisting the blower and motor up to the chamber on Monday morning. They didn’t encounter any issues and completed the job in about two hours.

John Costas has a tentative appointment this morning with Nardone Electric to scope out the electrical work needed to connect power to the blower. Also on Monday, with John’s recommendation and Dick Pelland’s approval, I ordered a variable frequency drive ($465), which will be installed as part of the electrical hookup. The VFD (similar to a “soft starter”) protects the blower from damage by allowing the motor to start at a low speed, then gradually increase speed to what is needed to power the blower.

Attached are a few photos of the blower move, and there’s also a short video on YouTube.

Ken Krause

President, Chevalier Theatre Organ Society


Extremely productive work party (2.5 hours+) Monday night.

+ Blower configuration determined and new motor hookup begun, including use of part of mechanism carefully removed from previous motor. (Motor fits blower mount; bolt holes just need to be enlarged.)

+ Chest and percussion configurations advanced and close to finalized, including locations of toy counter, offset chests and percussions; there appears to be room for everything with percussions located near second chamber opening (Wayne Johnson will be summarizing).

+ Electrical estimate reviewed and feedback recommended, including potential addition of an LED light section.

+ An updated quote for toy counter restoration will be requested from William Catanesye.











Chris and Wayne made quick work of removing the rough concrete along the low perimeter wall in the chamber on Monday night, creating a smooth surface on which we can install a wood platform to cover the gap between the main chamber wall, and use as a base for offset chests.


We also removed some extraneous wood and other materials from the chamber.


A few photos attached (including a “before” shot of part of the lower wall).


The plan is to have a meeting/work party next Monday, July 24, at 7.


Thanks ,


- Ken


Ken Krause

President, Chevalier Theatre Organ Society






Another productive work party (2 hours) Monday night.


+ The new motor was installed onto the blower, after the bolt holes were enlarged. Dick is consulting with motor and blower reps to determine the proper belts to use (2 are required). Dick also inspected the electrical and VFD installation and found them A-OK.


+ Additional evaluation of the chamber layout was done, aided by Wayne Johnson’s recent drawings and another look at the toy counter downstairs and an inventory of other chests, etc., downstairs.


+ A new quote for the toy counter restoration has been requested from Willian Catanesye, who submitted a quote of $6,290 in 2015.


Some photos are attached here, along with some handouts. A few additional notes:


+ On the Treasurer’s report, the Organ Fund expense of $465.00 was for reimbursement for the VFD, which was ordered on my credit card. Also, since this report, we paid Nardone Electric $1,962 for the chamber work, reducing our balance to $78,766.67.


+ The project update to the Commission was presented at last week’s meeting.


+ Phil Chevalier, great grand-nephew of Godfrey, is interested in revamping the Organ Society website (he does web work in his day job for Boston Consulting Group). He is moving to Somerville on Sept. 1 and also will be joining the Friends of Chevalier board.





- Ken


Ken Krause

President, Chevalier Theatre Organ Society



Chris and Wayne got much accomplished at a Chevalier work party tonight. They:

+ Sealed the openings in the regulators, wind trunk and main chest using vinyl flashing and the wind line flanges in preparation for testing the main chest

+ Moved the solo chest closer to the main chest and mapped out a new location for the toy counter (diagonally along the short wall to the left of the shutters toward the beam, with that end resting on supports placed on the beam), which if approved would save us the expense of having to shorten the toy counter wind box

+ Brought the tuba chest and two offset chests into the chamber to further map out the configuration and wind line route from the blower

+ Attached the permanent flange on the end of the upper wind box for the main chest and measured the distance from it to the elbow pipe that will be connected to the reducer atop the blower.

We tentatively scheduled another work party for Tuesday night, Sept. 5.

ORGAN CHAMBER WORK September 05, 2017


Tonight, Chris and Wayne completed the base for the new platform along the full length of the back wall, adding the sections on either end.

The odd-sized MDF pieces at the theater aren’t conducive to what is needed to create the top for the platform, so Chris is going to shop for some alternatives.

Hopefully we can cap the platform next week.

- Ken

Ken Krause

President, Chevalier Theatre Organ Society